• Glyn Brackenbury

Under Starters Orders

It would appear that the jet stream has finally realised it's in the wrong room and has kindly moved to a more helpful northerly position giving us a chance at some better weather, but more importantly for me a bit less wind. Whilst I'm quite partial to a spot of breeze, this weeks gales would have been horrendous.

So I have a clockwise plan. Launching Wednesday from somewhere in the Bristol Channel dependent on how the forecast unfolds. The MOD are rather unhelpfully bombing the ocean off Pembroke for 36 hours from Thursday morning, so I'll either start close to Pembroke to pass it Wednesday evening or much further up the Severn to arrive at the weekend.

Despite it not being the original round Britain plan, I'm really excited to get out and do some not insignificant miles whilst trying some of the stuff I've been working on, which I can hopefully apply to the big trip when that becomes possible.

Time to empty the fridge (into my stomach) again. The weather better not change or I'll need to pick up some sort of sponsorship from a weight loss company...

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