• Glyn Brackenbury

Launch Day

Today is officially launch day, it's in the calendar, I've emptied the fridge (into my stomach) and I'm poised, paddle ready to go, But just to keep the blog all about not going paddling I've decided to hold off again, this time to allow the rather chunky low pressure system that's due to bring us gales on Thursday chance to pass over. For those not used to to staring at wind maps for kayaking, white is unbelievably amazing, blue is great, green is ok, yellow is only Lenny Kravitz (going your way), red is no thanks and purple is the four horsemen of the apocalypse approaching from the horizon. It goes all the way up to black, which is why didn't I choose to live somewhere more equatorial...

Given not wanting to spend time witnessing the apocalypse from a kayak I'm going to sit tight until this system has passed through and look again early next week. I'm passing the time doing the #mydw challenge which is a virtual version of the Devises to Westminster Canoe race. So far I've done 193 miles of the 125 mile requirement, I found it much easier to stop at the finish on the actual event...

Stay tuned for more not going paddling blogs.

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