• Glyn Brackenbury

Day 7 Aberdaron to Abermenai

So after the exploits of yesterday, today's plan was to have a slightly slower day with a bit more to look at. I launched from Aberdaron at 0800 to make use of the early tide leaving the bay and turned right into my third and final sound of the trip, and in a testament to experiential learning, I finally sped through a sound with the tide, as opposed to ripping my arms off against it, so much easier... who knew?

I spent the next two hours really enjoying the coast. Snowdonia loomed large on my right and a really varied and beautiful coastline unfolded. Given it was a slower day I'd reduced the mileage to about 22, with view of getting to Trefor, to then set me up for the NE tip of Anglesey tomorrow.

I arrived just off Porth Dinllaen and quickly realised a) I felt OK and had a bit more in the tank, and b) if I got my head down I could probably make it into the Menai straits. A quick call to Lou to discuss the change of plan and the arms started swinging with a bit more purpose towards Anglesey.

The crossing was great, the sea was almost flat compared to yesterday, so getting into a rhythm was so much easier. I saw my first actual bona-fide dolphins of the trip swimming toward me, but like most of my wildlife shots ended up with a picture of the sky/sea/nothing.

I just scraped into Abermenai by the skin of my teeth as it had just gone slack which lasts about 20 secs here, I really didn't fancy an uptide slog fest today.

This has thrown my planning slightly but in a good way, it's a nice problem to have being closer. I've got a strategy for tomorrow that I think works as the straits throws up some complex challenges in that the water enters from both ends, so I need a solution to that to get me onto the main super highway going along the north coast.

Corner number 3 tomorrow, handbrake ready.... 34.19 miles today.

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