• Glyn Brackenbury

Day 6 Cardigan to Aberdaron

It's important to start by pointing out I have nothing against mid Wales, but at some point I had to make a crossing over to the Llyn Peninsula and obviously the sooner I did that the more corner cutting was gained.

It's not often that a forecast conspires to actually offer up the opportunity to take on a crossing like this, let alone on the day you need it to, but since I started last week it's always looked like it was going to be possible as long as I was keen!

So I did all my planning sorted out my kit decision was made only to check the firing range which, said it was closed! The beauty of the English language led me to wonder is it closed to marine traffic or is it closed as in, not bombing. A couple of second opinions later we all agreed it was the not bombing option and I was all set.

There was zero faff this morning. Like the proverbial well oiled machine we were on the beach ready to launch just as the sun rose so at 0530 I set off to race Lou to North Wales.

There weren't too many highlights to tell you about, it was, like almost every crossing, generally dull. Even my cadence sensor decided to leave and turn off about 30mins in. Major highlights were finishing, cheese and chutney sandwiches and passing right through the middle of the target range that they fire at with missiles and from planes, it was really odd seeing battered fishing boats moored 25 miles out. Hard work at the end getting into the bay against the tide, but I've become quite skilled at that!

Further round tomorrow toward Anglesey. 49 miles today, starting to feel the miles now...

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