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Day 3 Oxwich to Stackpole Quay

Today started with faff off the scale, as the car park at Oxwich was locked meaning decanting everything off the van on the road and walking it over. This meant many opportunities to forget stuff. The first item was the watch which Lou dropped off after she'd turned around further up the road. I was so proud of myself getting it all organised so quickly, I pottered over to the beach and met with Chris Hobson and his family who only live about 10 mins away, I think he'd just come to check I'd leave so as not to affect the house prices.

Chris and I surfed in the same final at the 2011 World surf kayak championships. He won... so in the absence of decent pics today, here are a couple of the many pics of Chris I've taken over the years, it was quite surreal having him taking pics of me today.

I launched bang on 0800 and at 0800 and 3 seconds quickly realised I didn't have my GPS, which when you're doing a 30 mile crossing is a pretty useful tool. Cue 10mins of frantic running round, only to find it at the roadside at the scene of my original smugness as to how organised I was. So, 15 mins late I set off around the first headland and set up my bearing which was going to make up the next 5 hours.

I saw my first porpoises and gannets of the trip early on and after that excitement it was just a case of ticking the miles off to Pembrokeshire on a pretty great downwind route.

The planned landing was Broadhaven South, mainly because I couldn't go any further west because the military were gunning down anything within a 3 mile radius of Castlemartin until 1645, which was no use to me because of the tides. I got within 3km of the beach when I hit the water pouring out the bay off Stackpole head making a tidal race that I was able to surf against for a while but eventually realised it was probably safer and easier to drop east and accept some lost miles.

I landed at Barafundle which was absolutely useless as a venue to meet Lou, so I got back in the boat and dropped back again to Stackpole Quay which provided a fine landing point and an equally fine vegan pasty.

35.44 miles for the day, round corner number 2 tomorrow.

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