• Glyn Brackenbury

Day 2 Lavernock to Oxwich

The day started working through all the various physical components required to paddle, this normally involves starting with the pulse and working outwards, everything seemed fine so after more faffing about shorts choice we headed down to Lavernock to get back on.

Today was officially a proper Carlsberg forecast either a gentle tail wind or no wind at all so the water at Lavernock couldn't have looked any different to the day before! I said goodbye to Lou and Chia and headed off round my first corner of the trip keeping a keen eye for suitable omens. There weren't any.

The first stretch of coast was really lovely, low cliffs and pretty beaches occasionally punctuated by some enormous industrial building. I took in the sights of Barrybados (Barry Island) and got joined by a fairly constant stream of fishing boats heading the same way, all either too far away, or too quick for me to surf their wakes sadly.

I spent a bit of time googling the overfall at nash point last night as I hadn't really researched it. This wasn't ideal, as it was mostly tales of terror and general "you're all doomed" sentiment. Fortunately it appeared most of these disasters related to the flood tide, but I still arrived at it suitably amped. Turns out it was suitably benign, just rolling green waves but I did get kicked slightly north into the bay which wasn't the plan.

The rest of the day was spent crossing from Nash to Oxwich, of which the only highlight was when the sun came out in sympathy with us all and got its Corona on.

On to Pembrokeshire tomorrow with another great forecast. 45.77 miles today.

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