• Glyn Brackenbury

Day 11 Gnosall to Holt Patch

Well there was a slight inevitability that the wheels would fall off the wagon at some stage. Today they did just that and then the axles scraped along the dirt for a bit.

I'm sure it's been fairly evident I've been trying to go quick, so each day has tightened the metaphorical elastic band a little more until eventually it snaps. Which is what happened today.

It started with my head gone. I hadn't even put one stroke in and I already had doubt I was going to make the days target, which was an ambitious 44miles.

There's a spot of finish line fever going on in that I could see that there was a possibility of finishing tomorrow if I could set today up right so I'd already applied subtle pressure with hadn't helped.

10 miles came and went and all was fine but knowing I had 37 locks today and that so far I hadn't done any was a bit like paddling toward something that's going to hurt, which it did, a lot.

Th locks came thick and fast over the next 20 miles and my decision to not have a trolley was royally biting me, but the miles ticked by and I got to Kidderminster and met Lou who

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