• Glyn Brackenbury

Day 10 Chester to Gnosall

The constant need to make decisions has been removed now I'm finally on the canals, although I did manage to spend most of the morning before leaving deliberating over clothing choices. When I finally set off I managed to leave without my hat, just to prove it's not about the decisions it's about not being an idiot.

Plan for the canals was to try and hold 5mph on the water and get round the locks as quickly as possible, which meant carrying the boat rather than faffing with a trolley.

The strategy worked amazingly until I arrived at Audlem. A series of 15 locks spread very a mile. Not really long enough between them to paddle which meant a full carry through everyone enjoying the sunshine.

Only 3 raging swans today, despite creeping on the other bank they seem to assume my boat is somehow the signet assassin, I had to get out and walk round one.

41 miles for the day and 24 canal boats over taken I was trying to match miles for boats, and at one stage I was ahead, then it appears they all stopped for the day.

Similar tomorrow.

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