The Trip

Welcome to the website for my attempt at circumnavigating Wales by kayak. The original plan was to circumnavigate mainland Britain, but a conspiracy of Covid related regulations meant it added too much complexity to it this year, so round Wales seemed a great alternative, albeit a tad shorter...


I'm Glyn. I grew up on Anglesey in the 80's, where I had the privilege of not only being introduced to kayaking in one of the country's best sea kayaking venues, but also by one of the original circumnavigators, Nigel Dennis. It's taken a while to get from my 1 star badge to this. That's not through a lack of paddling through, I've been fortunate to lead expeditions and compete all over the World, just never quite managed to line up all the things required to attempt a circumnavigation, until now...

I've done some sections before... completing Land's End to John o'Groats by kayak in 2013, I used the Severn and the canal network to make my way North, so it'll be quite the treat travelling downhill on the Severn this time.



More trip info will also be on Facebook and Strava